Comic Con & Olympic Hysteria – Trend Settings Ep 3

Welcome back to episode 3 of Trend Settings. Comic Con has just finished, Stranger Things is life changing and who would actually go to this years Olympics. Like usual this week the topics are not connected at all but they are in a weird deep way.

 Part 1 – Comic Con/Stranger Things talk

We discuss the Justice League, Kong Skull Island, Wonder Woman, King Arthur:Legend Of The Sword and Blair Witch trailers. What do we think of them? Do we think they will suck? Why does Chris have a weird obsession with Thor? Who knows. If I get started talking about how good Stranger Things is we will be here all night just watch it then dwell on it in its deepness.

Part 2  – Olympics, Russia and Fast and The Furious

What’s the deal with the Zika Virus? Why are Russia always the bad guy. Are athletes soft for complaining about accommodation. IS Rio as dangerous as the media portrays? Is this too many questions in one paragraph? Probably.

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