Clowns, White Helmets and Jim Carrey – Trend Settings Ep 14


This week we’re tackling the big issues head on. Clowns. Who needs ’em right? ‘The White Hats’ is a stunning documentary on Netflix. Unfortunately Trump is back, and Jim Carrey is in the headlines for unexpected reasons. Along with all this juiciness is ‘This week last week’ a cracking new segment.

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Topic 1 – Clowns

So clowns are back in a big way. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, they scarin’ everybody up in here. Bt are they even real clowns? Or just people dressed up as clowns? What does the CAA (Clown Association of America) have to say about all this?

Topic 2 – The White Helmets

If you flick to the trending section on Netflix you’ll see a short doco called The White Helmets. It’s about regular citizens in Syria who have quit their jobs and now work in search and rescue following air raids. It’s incredibly eye-opening and moving. Everyone should check it out.

Topic 3 – Hillary v Trump

The “presidential” debate happened this week, and the Republicans are all bailing on Old mate Donald after his latest and greatest torrent of being a bad human being. Is sexual assault worse than racism? What the hell is “locker room talk”? And is Hillary really any better? Whatever the case I’m sure Yechan will have something ignorant to say.
Topic 4 – Jim Carrey

The mother and ex-husband of Jim Carrey’s ex girlfriend have filed a wrongful death suit against Jim Carrey for actions leading to her suicide. Another one of Ali’s idols is coming under fire. Is he being taken for a ride or guilty? Get the scoop on STIs from Ali.
Topic 5 – This Week Last Week

We report what’s happening in the world, but as stories change it’s important to stay up to date. So Chris will take us back with some important updates to the big stories. Is Pauline Hanson still a ranga? Is Bieber back on Instagram? Everything you have ever wondered will become clear.

We apologize for any technical difficulties this week. New camera next week!

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