E3, Manus Island and Real Fake Tan – Trend Settings Ep 46

Mario, Manus Island, melanin, and missions to North Korea. This week was E3, so we had all sorts of video game news, whilst the government paid out millions to Manus Island detainees. Want a great tan? They’re making a drug for that, and is Trump putting secret schemes into action in North Korea?

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Cyclones and Making Love To Aliens – Trend Settings Ep 35

Believe it or not, Trend Settings 35 is upon us! What happened this week!? There were a whole lot of big new trailers, we managed to see Ghost in The Shell and LIFE in the cinemas, Ali’s been playing Mass Effect Andromeda, and all the while cyclone Debbie has been ravaging Queensland. But don’t worry Ev is here to educated us about cyclones.

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Oscars Disaster and Logan OMG – Trend Settings Ep 31

Oscars mayhem, the winners, the losers, the winners then losers, the creeps…we have em all. Also, Logan non spoiler review, Boston Dynamics Handle robot and Horizon video game.

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Jacket Bullying and Chelsea Manning – Trend Settings Ep 25

This week special guest Victor joins the Settings to get the goss on Nintendo’s Switch announcement, about why in the HECK it’s been so hot, and Obama’s final act as POTUS. There was also a news scandal of three white tops to do with bullying, a look into the tech of the future at CES, Casino Mike stepping down, and yet another Australia Day scandal.

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Golden Globes/Showers – Trend Settings Ep 24

Aaaaaand we’re back! Trend Settings in 2017 is bigger and better than ever before and we’re kicking off with a jam-packed episode! We might only fit in a few topics but they’re juicy fresh. The Golden Globes were as eventful as always, packed with controversial moments and speeches, and speaking of, Donald Trump is still a thing. Over the break we watched a whole lot of movies & TV so catch up, and this week on the news a politician showed how stupid he was.

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Nintendo Switch and Dreamworld – Trend Settings Ep 16

Tragedy struck the Gold Coast this week, and it was making headlines everywhere. Kanye is still crazy, but more importantly, when is Watch the Throne 2 coming at me? Renewable resources hit a milestone for capacity, and Nintendo dropped a mean trailer for a console that turns you into a 20-30 year old hipster. Bringing up the rear is a list of the world’s most generous countries. Ten bucks you can’t guess.

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Captain Planet and Hitlers House – Trend Settings Ep 15

This week, on Trend Settings, is Leonardo DiCaprio actually Captain Planet in whiteface? Would you kill baby Hitler’s house? Red dead redemption 2 is only a year away, how cool! Instagram wants you to report depressed people. Trailers came out for Guardians of the Galaxy and Starwars, everyone flip out! The new Harry Potter movies are gonna be a pentology, sounds evil. The Gable Tostee verdict, not guilty

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Iphone 7, Wings & Filipino Shade – Trend Settings Ep 9

This week we discover the iPhone 7. Get mad about Brock Turner. Find out Ali is a superhero via KFC. Wonder whether we are bad people for loving Pablo Escobar. Debate women in politics. Figure out why the president of the Philippine’s is calling people sons of whores. Also, is MJ alive!?

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