Trump Jr Emails and Spiderman Homecoming – Trend Settings Ep 50

Time to party! Who knew we’d make it to fifty episodes, we certainly didn’t. This week we look back at our favourite moments and lessons we’ve learned. Also, spoiler free review of Spider-Man homecoming, Donald Trump Jnr’s epic own goal, state of origin sadness and Mayweather vs McGregor.

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GLOW, Venezuela and Opal Cyborgs – Trend Settings Ep 48

Trend settings episode 48 is upon us. Verily we have a bevy of fascinating topics for you. Netflix’s new show GLOW has dropped, and there’s been chaos in Venezuela. An Australian man implants a chip into his arm and Google is receiving multibillion dollar fines.

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Buried Treasure, Pauline Hansen and Murder Aquittal – Trend Settings Ep 47

Easily the highest prime number we’ve hit. This week in trend settings, we tackle the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn, Travis Kalanick, quits as UBER CEO, State of Origin game 2, Thurston’s revenge and Pauline Hansen picks on autistic kids. On top of this, police were acquitted in two cases for the deaths of Philando Castile and Sylville Smith in USA, which is pretty horrible.

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E3, Manus Island and Real Fake Tan – Trend Settings Ep 46

Mario, Manus Island, melanin, and missions to North Korea. This week was E3, so we had all sorts of video game news, whilst the government paid out millions to Manus Island detainees. Want a great tan? They’re making a drug for that, and is Trump putting secret schemes into action in North Korea?

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Wonder Woman, Qatar and Apple Is Back? – Trend Settings Ep 45

This week we’re covering everything from the latest technology at WWDC to the trouble Qatar is having with other nations in the Middle East. Wonder Woman is taking theatres by storm while the crisis in the Philipines continues.

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Covfefe and Margaret Court – Trend Settings Ep 44

Welcome back to covfefe 44! The big double digits! What a ripping week. Maccas got on board with the chicken Big Mac, perfect for a snack while you’re watching State of Origin 2017. Along with this, we’re going in deep on the Margaret Court Court, Trump’s latest Twitter cock-up, and not so deep on Pirates of the Carribean 5. 
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Homeless Heroes, Attack In The Phillipines and Game Of Thrones – Trend Settings Ep 43

This week we look at the small good stories that came out of the horror of the Manchester attack starting with the homeless heroes. We also look at the attack on a city in the Philippines, and what’s lead to it. In lighter news we look at rebel Wilson in court, the new game of thrones trailer and Yassmin Magied loses her show.

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Shark Humping, Smashed Avo and The French Election – Trend Settings Ep 42

This week we answer the ultimate question, the universe and everything. Well we should have, but instead we talk about Trump leaking to the Russians, Sean the shark humper, Emmanuel Macron beating Marine Le Pen in France. We also talk house prices and the 60 mins jerk Tim Gurner, and Eurovision false flag prank.

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Harry Potter and Jason Bourne – Trend Settings Ep 4

Welcome back to episode 4 of Trend Settings. This week is great, we have new microphones. Only one of them works but who’s counting right? This week we talk about Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Jason Bourne, reviews of things and the Pokemon Go Update.

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