Amazon To Australia, The A2 Milk Sham and Zimbabwe Celebration – Trend Settings Ep 69

This is the big one! The one we’ve all been waiting for! Well, just Jono, because he has issues. We talk Amazon launching in Australia, the fall of Mugabe of Zimbabwe, whether expensive A2 milk is a load of tosh, and Penis news, cos you know, penises.

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LOTR bought, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Micro-transactions and Lab Grown Meat – Trend Settings Ep 68

Hello dear friends and loved ones! We got a jam packed episode full of Star Wars BattleFront II, Lord of the Rings TV shows and plebiscite results. Special guest Jazzy Julz will cover some weird public transport stories, and Jono finishes it up with lab grown meat.

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Disney Buying Fox, Giant Bear Tongues and the Paradise Papers – Trend Settings Ep 67

The all new Trend Settings format is here! Well, we have sections now. Entertainment, Real news, Weird news and Ali rants. This week we talk Disney taking over Fox, the paradise papers, random weird news and why the NBN sucks.

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Super Mario Odyssey, Stranger Things 2 and Kevin Spacey – Trend Settings Ep 66

Welcome dear ones, to the one, the only Trend Settings! Lemme tell y’all about episode 66! We’ll be taking a good look at Super Mario Odyssey, and Stranger Things season 2 before talking about some less fun things like Russian investigations and the latest allegations coming out of Hollywood. 

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Comic Con, Elijah Doughty Ruling and Dunkirk – Trend Settings Ep 52

Trend to the Settings. Eppity eppity 52. Thanks for joining us, this week we’re going right on down into the deep end on a couple of things! We’re talking all the news and trailers from Comic-con, as well as the outcome in the manslaughter trial of Elijah Doughty. Finally we’ll share our thoughts on Dunkirk. 

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D23, Female Dr Who and Game Of Thrones Is Back – Trend Settings Ep 51

Yo yo yo yo yo. So this is episode 51! The big Five One. So welcome to that. Bit of an entertaining week this week, so we have the latest entertainment news! Game of thrones is back, as is the good Doctor (of Doctor Who), but not as we knew it. Also this week we’ll talk Disney’s huge D23 conference and Greens senator troubles. 

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Homeless Heroes, Attack In The Phillipines and Game Of Thrones – Trend Settings Ep 43

This week we look at the small good stories that came out of the horror of the Manchester attack starting with the homeless heroes. We also look at the attack on a city in the Philippines, and what’s lead to it. In lighter news we look at rebel Wilson in court, the new game of thrones trailer and Yassmin Magied loses her show.

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FBI Fired, Alien Covenant and the Federal Budget – Trend Settings Ep 41

Welcome back to the best part of your week! And have we got a cracker for you. It’s a perfect blend of hard hitting topics that matter like Amazon Prime, John Wick Chapter Two and Alien Covenant. Then popcorn entertainment news like Australia’s federal budget and Donald Trump’s firing of his FBI chief.
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Super Bowl Trailers & American Perspective – Trend Settings Ep 28

This week, in trend settings, we talk about the Super Bowl, so many ads, Cory Bernardi, the worst politician, the coveted male contraception and Barrack Obama’s fantastic vacation.

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Clowns, White Helmets and Jim Carrey – Trend Settings Ep 14

This week we’re tackling the big issues head on. Clowns. Who needs ’em right? ‘The White Hats’ is a stunning documentary on Netflix. Unfortunately Trump is back, and Jim Carrey is in the headlines for unexpected reasons. Along with all this juiciness is ‘This week last week’ a cracking new segment.

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