Comic Con, Elijah Doughty Ruling and Dunkirk – Trend Settings Ep 52

Trend to the Settings. Eppity eppity 52. Thanks for joining us, this week we’re going right on down into the deep end on a couple of things! We’re talking all the news and trailers from Comic-con, as well as the outcome in the manslaughter trial of Elijah Doughty. Finally we’ll share our thoughts on Dunkirk. 

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D23, Female Dr Who and Game Of Thrones Is Back – Trend Settings Ep 51

Yo yo yo yo yo. So this is episode 51! The big Five One. So welcome to that. Bit of an entertaining week this week, so we have the latest entertainment news! Game of thrones is back, as is the good Doctor (of Doctor Who), but not as we knew it. Also this week we’ll talk Disney’s huge D23 conference and Greens senator troubles. 

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Homeless Heroes, Attack In The Phillipines and Game Of Thrones – Trend Settings Ep 43

This week we look at the small good stories that came out of the horror of the Manchester attack starting with the homeless heroes. We also look at the attack on a city in the Philippines, and what’s lead to it. In lighter news we look at rebel Wilson in court, the new game of thrones trailer and Yassmin Magied loses her show.

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FBI Fired, Alien Covenant and the Federal Budget – Trend Settings Ep 41

Welcome back to the best part of your week! And have we got a cracker for you. It’s a perfect blend of hard hitting topics that matter like Amazon Prime, John Wick Chapter Two and Alien Covenant. Then popcorn entertainment news like Australia’s federal budget and Donald Trump’s firing of his FBI chief.
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Super Bowl Trailers & American Perspective – Trend Settings Ep 28

This week, in trend settings, we talk about the Super Bowl, so many ads, Cory Bernardi, the worst politician, the coveted male contraception and Barrack Obama’s fantastic vacation.

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Clowns, White Helmets and Jim Carrey – Trend Settings Ep 14

This week we’re tackling the big issues head on. Clowns. Who needs ’em right? ‘The White Hats’ is a stunning documentary on Netflix. Unfortunately Trump is back, and Jim Carrey is in the headlines for unexpected reasons. Along with all this juiciness is ‘This week last week’ a cracking new segment.

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Kim K, Westworld and Luke Cage – Trend Settings Ep 13

This week we katch up with Kanye & Kim K, make sure they are alright, before a good shoey with the Budgie Nine. Two new TV shows in Westworld and Luke Cage, and Google has released a new smart phone! Finally what’s the latest with the Colombian civil war?

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Brangelina Emmy’s and The Bachelorette – Trend Settings Ep 11

This week, Brangelina split, now who’s gonna save us? Emmy’s, not as racist as the Oscars, but still racist? Syria is a horrible mess of human misery, is there hope? Mark Zuckerberg wants to save the world but Ali and Yechan don’t believe him. The Bachelor is rigged!! How could Richie?? Peoples phones in New York are blowing up, with bomb warnings. And should Steve Irwin be on our money? He’s done more than the queen.

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Samsung’s Exploding Korea – Trend Settings Ep 10

This week we talk Ali’s Aussie adventures, Samsung’s aren’t allowed on planes, and North Korea gettin all bomby, and then Yechan gettin bomby right back. Should we pay Nelly’s taxes? Can we find a legal way to watch Atlanta? The Get Down is great, wait, Grand Master Flash is in it?? That’s awesome! And then plebs plebisciting all over the place.

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Iphone 7, Wings & Filipino Shade – Trend Settings Ep 9

This week we discover the iPhone 7. Get mad about Brock Turner. Find out Ali is a superhero via KFC. Wonder whether we are bad people for loving Pablo Escobar. Debate women in politics. Figure out why the president of the Philippine’s is calling people sons of whores. Also, is MJ alive!?

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