Amazon To Australia, The A2 Milk Sham and Zimbabwe Celebration – Trend Settings Ep 69

This is the big one! The one we’ve all been waiting for! Well, just Jono, because he has issues. We talk Amazon launching in Australia, the fall of Mugabe of Zimbabwe, whether expensive A2 milk is a load of tosh, and Penis news, cos you know, penises.

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LOTR bought, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Micro-transactions and Lab Grown Meat – Trend Settings Ep 68

Hello dear friends and loved ones! We got a jam packed episode full of Star Wars BattleFront II, Lord of the Rings TV shows and plebiscite results. Special guest Jazzy Julz will cover some weird public transport stories, and Jono finishes it up with lab grown meat.

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Disney Buying Fox, Giant Bear Tongues and the Paradise Papers – Trend Settings Ep 67

The all new Trend Settings format is here! Well, we have sections now. Entertainment, Real news, Weird news and Ali rants. This week we talk Disney taking over Fox, the paradise papers, random weird news and why the NBN sucks.

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Lisa Wilkinson, Mindhunter and Neutron Stars Colliding – Trend Settings Ep 64

Hello one and all, many many thanks for coming on this magical journey that is Trend settings, and what a journey we have for you this week. Lisa Wilkinson is moving TV channels, Melania Trump isn’t even there anymore, Netflix has a new David Fincher series, and neutron stars colliding left right and center. 

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E3, Manus Island and Real Fake Tan – Trend Settings Ep 46

Mario, Manus Island, melanin, and missions to North Korea. This week was E3, so we had all sorts of video game news, whilst the government paid out millions to Manus Island detainees. Want a great tan? They’re making a drug for that, and is Trump putting secret schemes into action in North Korea?

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Plastic Eating Caterpillars, Mark Ellis & Anzac Controversy – Trend Settings Ep 39

This week in trend settings, guardians of the galaxy 2 dropped, North Korea threatens Australia, one nation’s campaign in Macalister collapses in two days, Anzac Facebook controversy with Yassmin Abdel-Magied, and science finds caterpillars that eat plastic and grow lamb foetuses in bags.

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International Woman’s Day with 4 Dudes – Trend Settings Ep 32

What a week for women! We’ve had International Women’s Day, street lights that assume your gender, and Emma Watson dropping the all for feminists everywhere?? To celebrate we’ve got four dudes on, including the most special of guests, the infamous Mr. Nick Khoo. We also talk the latest out of Wikileaks, Trump tweets and Beauty and the Beast.

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