Fergies ‘National Anthem’, Goats Getting Arrested, Fake News Games and Black Sam Bellamy – Trend Settings Ep 76

WHAT?!? Jono and Chris have deserted Ali, but it’s all good the Gals are here to keep the trend world turning! This week Fergie sings the national anthem at the NBA and it’s all sorts of wrong, sharks are falling from the sky in the UK, Ev’s playing fake news games and people are finding pirate bones in the ocean. It’s all happening on this womens edition of Trend Settings!

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Super Bowl, Spacex’s Falcon Heavy and Self Cloning Crayfish – Trend Settings Ep 74

Welcome back to the second ever Super Bowl Trend Settings! We brought in an expert; Joel ‘the man’ Moore to give us the run down on all things football, ads, half times and trailers. One of those trailers was for the upcoming Han Solo film which we will also discuss along with Elon Musk launching a Tesla into space and Cray fish who won’t stop cloning them selves!

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Lisa Wilkinson, Mindhunter and Neutron Stars Colliding – Trend Settings Ep 64

Hello one and all, many many thanks for coming on this magical journey that is Trend settings, and what a journey we have for you this week. Lisa Wilkinson is moving TV channels, Melania Trump isn’t even there anymore, Netflix has a new David Fincher series, and neutron stars colliding left right and center. 

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Tesla 3, Genetic Editing and Bitcoin – Trend Settings Ep 53

Slow news week, but we dive into the internet to find some interesting stories for you. This week we look at Teslas new model 3 starting production, gene editing curing genetic diseases, the funniest words according to the internet and bitcoin splits in two.

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Cyclones and Making Love To Aliens – Trend Settings Ep 35

Believe it or not, Trend Settings 35 is upon us! What happened this week!? There were a whole lot of big new trailers, we managed to see Ghost in The Shell and LIFE in the cinemas, Ali’s been playing Mass Effect Andromeda, and all the while cyclone Debbie has been ravaging Queensland. But don’t worry Ev is here to educated us about cyclones.

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The Great Pineapple Pizza Debate – Trend Settings Ep 30

NASA finds 7 earths around one star, Uber struggles, Iceland’s presidents pineapple vendetta, most feared countries and Matt Damon’s Great Wall.

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