Homeless Heroes, Attack In The Phillipines and Game Of Thrones – Trend Settings Ep 43

This week we look at the small good stories that came out of the horror of the Manchester attack starting with the homeless heroes. We also look at the attack on a city in the Philippines, and what’s lead to it. In lighter news we look at rebel Wilson in court, the new game of thrones trailer and Yassmin Magied loses her show.

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Shark Humping, Smashed Avo and The French Election – Trend Settings Ep 42

This week we answer the ultimate question, the universe and everything. Well we should have, but instead we talk about Trump leaking to the Russians, Sean the shark humper, Emmanuel Macron beating Marine Le Pen in France. We also talk house prices and the 60 mins jerk Tim Gurner, and Eurovision false flag prank.

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The Defenders, Fyre Festival and Brad Pitt Spills – Trend Settings Ep 40

Welcome back to you and welcome back to me! (Chris) is back from China, the dream team back together again! This week can you believe there’s been another police shooting in the US, and along with that Brad Pitt comes out about their big divorce. In trailer time we’re talking the dark tower and the defenders, as well as the worst festival of all time, Fyre festival.

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Plastic Eating Caterpillars, Mark Ellis & Anzac Controversy – Trend Settings Ep 39

This week in trend settings, guardians of the galaxy 2 dropped, North Korea threatens Australia, one nation’s campaign in Macalister collapses in two days, Anzac Facebook controversy with Yassmin Abdel-Magied, and science finds caterpillars that eat plastic and grow lamb foetuses in bags.

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F8, Get Out and Turkey Referendum – Trend Settings Ep 38

This week we just had too much to talk about, the Fate of the Furious movies crazy money making formula, Facebook wants to read your thoughts, Turkey’s Erdogan on the path to dictatorship. Ali saw an advance screening for Jordan Peele’s Get Out, and the 457 Visa is no more.

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Dr Strange and Nodapl – Trend Settings Ep 17

This week we love Dr Strange, except Chris, but he never likes anything, NoDAPL is a long confusing story, we try to make sense of it. Apple unrevolutionises the laptop again with the MacBook Pro, the Australian government keeps beating on asylum seekers, just how much political mileage can they get in this race to the bottom? And black mirror is a tv show, and a damn good one at that.

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Captain Planet and Hitlers House – Trend Settings Ep 15

This week, on Trend Settings, is Leonardo DiCaprio actually Captain Planet in whiteface? Would you kill baby Hitler’s house? Red dead redemption 2 is only a year away, how cool! Instagram wants you to report depressed people. Trailers came out for Guardians of the Galaxy and Starwars, everyone flip out! The new Harry Potter movies are gonna be a pentology, sounds evil. The Gable Tostee verdict, not guilty

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Elon Musk, Snapchat Spectacles and Trump vs Hilary – Trend Settings Ep 12

This week we colonize mars with Elon Musk, Snapchat changes the game with Spectacles, unfortunately we talk about Trump and China has made the biggest radio telescope ever!

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