Virtual Models And The Commonwealth Games – Trend Settings Ep 82

Trend Settings Episode 82 is upon us with the hottest stories of the week! We’ve got the Commonwealth Games, we’ve got fake Instagram models, we’ve got opioid addictions. All that and still time for A rick and Morty April fools stunt and condom snorting! 

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Fergies ‘National Anthem’, Goats Getting Arrested, Fake News Games and Black Sam Bellamy – Trend Settings Ep 76

WHAT?!? Jono and Chris have deserted Ali, but it’s all good the Gals are here to keep the trend world turning! This week Fergie sings the national anthem at the NBA and it’s all sorts of wrong, sharks are falling from the sky in the UK, Ev’s playing fake news games and people are finding pirate bones in the ocean. It’s all happening on this womens edition of Trend Settings!

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Gold Medals, Beliebeef and Greyhounds – Trend Settings Ep 6

What are gold medals worth? Welcome back. As usual the topics take us to every corner but it is all indeed connected. We start off in olympic territory, make a stop in the town of Bieber Selena insta beef, consider why we still use apple then figure out the deal with Greyhound races.

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Suicide Squad and Blood Doping – Trend Settings Ep 5

This week is light and heavy. We fight the turmoil that is Suicide Squad. Jono gets deep into blood doping(like the topic he isn’t actually blood doping). I rage on the hype situation these days. Lastly the discussion ends with talks of the refugee situation in Australia.

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Comic Con & Olympic Hysteria – Trend Settings Ep 3

Welcome back to episode 3 of Trend Settings. Comic Con has just finished, Stranger Things is life changing and who would actually go to this years Olympics. Like usual this week the topics are not connected at all but they are in a weird deep way.

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