Virtual Models And The Commonwealth Games – Trend Settings Ep 82

Trend Settings Episode 82 is upon us with the hottest stories of the week! We’ve got the Commonwealth Games, we’ve got fake Instagram models, we’ve got opioid addictions. All that and still time for A rick and Morty April fools stunt and condom snorting! 

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Super Bowl, Spacex’s Falcon Heavy and Self Cloning Crayfish – Trend Settings Ep 74

Welcome back to the second ever Super Bowl Trend Settings! We brought in an expert; Joel ‘the man’ Moore to give us the run down on all things football, ads, half times and trailers. One of those trailers was for the upcoming Han Solo film which we will also discuss along with Elon Musk launching a Tesla into space and Cray fish who won’t stop cloning them selves!

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Biebers Off More Rails & South Korean Impeachment – Trend Settings Ep 33

Welcome to the place to be for all things Bieber to King Kong! And in between this week, we’ll talk about chaos in South Korea, banning the burqa, and whether or not beers mix well with the bible.

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Beyonce Pregnant and Trumps Immigration – Trend Settings Ep 27

So We’re back, and dammit If Donald Trump isn’t dominating the news cycle again. There is some good news though, Beyonce is pregnant once again, but this time with twins! We also talk Apple vs Google and whether science has gone too far with pig-human hybrids.

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Golden Globes/Showers – Trend Settings Ep 24

Aaaaaand we’re back! Trend Settings in 2017 is bigger and better than ever before and we’re kicking off with a jam-packed episode! We might only fit in a few topics but they’re juicy fresh. The Golden Globes were as eventful as always, packed with controversial moments and speeches, and speaking of, Donald Trump is still a thing. Over the break we watched a whole lot of movies & TV so catch up, and this week on the news a politician showed how stupid he was.

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