Buried Treasure, Pauline Hansen and Murder Equital – Trend Settings Ep 47

Easily the highest prime number we’ve hit. This week in trend settings, we tackle the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn, Travis Kalanick, quits as UBER CEO, State of Origin game 2, Thurston’s revenge and Pauline Hansen picks on autistic kids. On top of this, police were acquitted in two cases for the deaths of Philando Castile and Sylville Smith in USA, which is pretty horrible.

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E3, Manus Island and Real Fake Tan – Trend Settings Ep 46

Mario, Manus Island, melanin, and missions to North Korea. This week was E3, so we had all sorts of video game news, whilst the government paid out millions to Manus Island detainees. Want a great tan? They’re making a drug for that, and is Trump putting secret schemes into action in North Korea?

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Oscars Disaster and Logan OMG – Trend Settings Ep 31

Oscars mayhem, the winners, the losers, the winners then losers, the creeps…we have em all. Also, Logan non spoiler review, Boston Dynamics Handle robot and Horizon video game.

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