Top Ten 2017 Extravaganza – Trend Settings Ep 71

It’s here, what you’ve all been waiting for, the final episode for the year, our 2017 list extravaganza. For a little warm up we have the biggest news stories of the year, followed by Chris’s top ten movie recommendations and Top ten Trump moments. Rounding it all out is a look into the year from Netflix. 

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Amazon To Australia, The A2 Milk Sham and Zimbabwe Celebration – Trend Settings Ep 69

This is the big one! The one we’ve all been waiting for! Well, just Jono, because he has issues. We talk Amazon launching in Australia, the fall of Mugabe of Zimbabwe, whether expensive A2 milk is a load of tosh, and Penis news, cos you know, penises.

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LOTR bought, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Micro-transactions and Lab Grown Meat – Trend Settings Ep 68

Hello dear friends and loved ones! We got a jam packed episode full of Star Wars BattleFront II, Lord of the Rings TV shows and plebiscite results. Special guest Jazzy Julz will cover some weird public transport stories, and Jono finishes it up with lab grown meat.

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Tesla 3, Genetic Editing and Bitcoin – Trend Settings Ep 53

Slow news week, but we dive into the internet to find some interesting stories for you. This week we look at Teslas new model 3 starting production, gene editing curing genetic diseases, the funniest words according to the internet and bitcoin splits in two.

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Shark Humping, Smashed Avo and The French Election – Trend Settings Ep 42

This week we answer the ultimate question, the universe and everything. Well we should have, but instead we talk about Trump leaking to the Russians, Sean the shark humper, Emmanuel Macron beating Marine Le Pen in France. We also talk house prices and the 60 mins jerk Tim Gurner, and Eurovision false flag prank.

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Cyclones and Making Love To Aliens – Trend Settings Ep 35

Believe it or not, Trend Settings 35 is upon us! What happened this week!? There were a whole lot of big new trailers, we managed to see Ghost in The Shell and LIFE in the cinemas, Ali’s been playing Mass Effect Andromeda, and all the while cyclone Debbie has been ravaging Queensland. But don’t worry Ev is here to educated us about cyclones.

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Fidel Castro and Moving Australia Day – Trend Settings Ep 21

This week the podcast can legally drink in America, yewwww, also we discuss changing Australia Day, Bloody protests, Fidel Castro’s death, fake headlines game show, China’s missing girls and Sydney high schoolers stick it to the pharma bro.

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