Brangelina Emmy’s and The Bachelorette – Trend Settings Ep 11


This week, Brangelina split, now who’s gonna save us? Emmy’s, not as racist as the Oscars, but still racist? Syria is a horrible mess of human misery, is there hope? Mark Zuckerberg wants to save the world but Ali and Yechan don’t believe him. The Bachelor is rigged!! How could Richie?? Peoples phones in New York are blowing up, with bomb warnings. And should Steve Irwin be on our money? He’s done more than the queen.

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Topic 1: Hey now hey now, don’t dream Brangelina’s oveeerrrr.

So Brangelina is over….but they were the chosen ones!! They were supposed to bring balance to the force! Who knew that one person in the third marriage and the other in their second might not last. Ali certainly didn’t. We ask the important questions, like who would you cheat on Angelina Jolie with.

Topic 2: And the Emmy goooeeeesss toooooo, Racism!!

The Emmy’s happened, and it was less racist than other awards, but still racist apparently. Jono didn’t think it was that bad. Do Asians not act because Asians aren’t actors? Did the chicken come first or the egg?

Topic 3: Syria… 🙁

Syria is horrible, like a terrible game with too many players all screwing each other over. This bit is not funny, just FYI, skip like, 10mins, if you don’t wanna be depressed.

Topic 4: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are gonna save us all.

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg are spending 3 billion big ones on curing all diseases. Ali and Yechan think its a tax dodge, do we just not trust anyone anymore? Jono thinks their being legit…so naive Jono, so naive. IBM is trying to make a skynet doctor, aka, baymax.

Topic 5: “Richie is an idiot!” – Some people on Facebook.

Did Richie pick Alex because the producers made him? Is she as crazy as the show made her seem? Is she a single mum? Is Nikki actually nice? We answer none of these questions, but man do we ask some questions…..well, those questions.

Topic 6: New Jersey Bomber fails, and New York messages everyone.

The New Jersey bomber hurt a bunch of people, what a massive douche. New York City messaged everyone while this was happening, was this an invasion of privacy? Nah probs not ay.

Topic 7: Should Steve Irwin be on our money?

That’s it, basically, just that title. I mean he’s certainly done more than the queen and she’s on all of our money. Jono makes a tasteless joke. Bad Jono. That’s Yechan’s job. Maybe Brangelina should be on the worlds money.

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