Beyonce Pregnant and Trumps Immigration – Trend Settings Ep 27


So We’re back, and dammit If Donald Trump isn’t dominating the news cycle again. There is some good news though, Beyonce is pregnant once again, but this time with twins! We also talk Apple vs Google and whether science has gone too far with pig-human hybrids.

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Topic 1 – Beyonce’s Twins
Everyone loves a good pregnancy, but who couldn’t be stoked for Jay-Z and Bey’s 2nd and 3rd kids? Will they be named colours? And will this have any impact on her upcoming shows? Coachella fans are on the lookout!

Topic 2 – Trump & The #Muslimban?
It’s impossible to have missed what’s been happening in the USA, Donald putting a hold on immigration from 7 countries, and stopping all refugees for 120 days. The people are out in force to protest, and we discuss what the real problem is, and whether it’s all that bad anyway.

Topic 3 – Human/Pig Chimeras
This week scientists revealed that they had developed a pig embryo containing human organs. The idea is to generate organs to be given to those in need of a transplant. The embryo was quickly destroyed, but do we need to be on the look out for pig-men? Man-pigs?

Topic 4 – Apple vs Google
This week Google’s brand value overtook that of Apple’s. What does this even mean?? We talk the merits of each company and what they each have to offer.
Thanks for tuning in, especially if you were watching live on Instagram. Thursday evenings is when it all goes down, so check us out next week when we go live again!