Biebers Off More Rails & South Korean Impeachment – Trend Settings Ep 33


Welcome to the place to be for all things Bieber to King Kong! And in between this week, we’ll talk about chaos in South Korea, banning the burqa, and whether or not beers mix well with the bible.

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Topic 1 – Bieber in Oz

The Biebs has touched down in Sydney town, and of course, we have to follow his every move because the thoughts, words, and actions of this 23-year-old Canadian are super important to our lives. Turns out he likes Vegemite, along with Summer Height High!


Topic 2 – Coopers & The Bible Society
The Bible Society has been getting the bible into people’s hands, and being generally charitable for 200 years! To celebrate they printed verses onto cans of Coopers Light Beer. This partnership has not gone so well.


Topic 3 – South Korea Drama
South Korea has a President AND a Prime Minister. Excessive? Maybe not! For the first time ever the president has been impeached, and is in the process of being charged for leaking important documents.


Topic 4 – Ban the Burqa?
The European Union has some big legislation happening at the moment with regards to religious attire in the workplace. The discussion gets heated as we get into bigotry and racism! Let’s all be good people. Change starts with One person. I promise.

Topic 5 – Kong: Skull Island
The latest ‘Monsterverse’ installment is out this week, and we got to see King Kong ride again, but was it worth the $10 ticket? And how good is $10 tickets!! Chris and Ali share their thoughts on the movie, monkeys, and mash-ups.

Thanks for hanging with us and our special guest Mr. Nick Khoo! We love you lots, and let us know what you’re thinking! See you next week!

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