Batman And Pewdiepie In Trouble – Trend Settings Ep 29


This week the Batman movie universe is falling apart even more if you can believe it, we have all sorts of shenanigans going down at The Grammys and North Koreans are being assassinated! We’ll also talk closing the gap between Australians and Indigenous Australians, and PewdiePie’s anti-Semitism.

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Topic 1 – Ben Affleck Batman no more
After choosing to no longer direct as well as produce and star in DC’s upcoming ‘The Batman’, Ben Affleck is supposedly looking to lose the cape once and for all. Is this good for the films, or simply good for Affleck who has been on somewhat of a roll of late.

Topic 2 – Kim-Jong Nan Assasinated

North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un’s half brother was assassinated in a Malaysian airport this week. What in the hell is happening over there, and why would anyone want to kill a man who got disowned for trying to go to Disneyland??

Topic 3 – PewdiePie gets dropped by Disney

The biggest YouTube star on earth is under fire after being caught up in some anti-Semitic behavior, having paid some guys a fiver to say ‘death to all Jews’. Does he deserve to be punished?

Topic 4 – Close The Gap

Every year a report comes from the Prime Minister’s office about a bunch of goals set up to improve life for indigenous Australians. This week was the week it came out. Aaaaaand it is NOT looking good. We still have a long way to go.

Topic 5 – Grammys 2017
We talk the best moments, performances and awards from this year’s Grammys. Pregnant Beyonce, Chance taking over, Australians representing, and Cee-Lo Green losing the plot. It’s all here.
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