Bachelor Fracking and Driverless Cars – Trend Settings Ep 8

bachelor drake frack mars

This week we visit the VMA’s, visit Ireland and their dodgy taxes, figure out what fracking is, find out the Bachelor is super racist, take a trip to Mars and finally ride in driverless cars. Worlds apart but all connected.

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Topic 1 – VMA’s

What a week. Rihanna gives Drake the cold cheek. Taylor swift avoids Kanye by doing jury duty. Britney is back but lip syncing. Beyonce takes out the big award but Chris Brown seems to have overshadowed the whole event.

Topic 2 – Apple Vs Europe

So apple has been using Ireland to get away with only paying 1% taxes on all their profit. The rest of Europe is naturally not pumped about this. Claiming after an investigation that Apple owes around 12 billion in taxes. Whats going to happen?

Topic 3 – Fracking

So fracking has been outlawed in Victoria. Which is awesome because it is about time we as a country are better with environment stuff. Jono breaks it down science style. The details are enlightening to say the least.

Topic 4 – The Bachelor

So apparently it’s the worst show that everyone can’t stop watching. Our special guest Jemimah gets into about how Ritchie is the worst and why chocolate baths should be outlawed.

Topic 5 – Mars Experiment

This week six people emerged from a year long experiment. The objective of the experiment was to find out more about the human factor in long term space exploration. These people were deprived of fresh air and food, as well as confined to a small dome for a whole year. Are they even going to Mars, who would apply for this?

Topic 6 – Self Driving Cars

Yechan helms the last topic. Singapore is experimenting with self driving cars. I hate driving so am all for this. If they put a PS4 in a car I would buy it in a second no matter the cost… no matter the cost.

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